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I bet this in an interesting neighborhood

sex-sells | Just Whatever.

Pardon me while I have a Beavis moment.

Fire is cool.

Molten burning metal is cool x 10.

News flash: Japanese animators get even Japanese-ier

This is a trailer.
For an animated series.
About ass-kicking bunnies.

Called Cat Shit One.

I am simultaneously horrified and intrigued.

Why don’t you give him a flamethrower while you’re at it??

This is the sort of thing from which nightmares and bad sci-fi channel shows are made.

It’s a shame a movie like this wouldn’t be made in America

Hulu – Movie Trailers: Chocolate.

Bored fellows in the UK + Some funky lights + sheep.

Wait, wait! It’s not what you think. Pervert.



Reload for some real beauties.

Things you never thought you’d type, part 14

This is the best video of a turtle sexin’ up a shoe I’ve ever seen.

WARNING: Here be turtle wang.
NSFW, if you work for a reptile.
Which is most management.

Wow. Now that’s a Fanboy.

Going 110mph on I-90 at 9:30pm = Fail.
Going 110mph on I-90 at 9:30pm and getting caught by the PO-lice = FAIL.

Going 110mph on I-90 at 9:30pm and getting hauled off to jail and having your car impounded because you were rushing home to place your E-bay bid on MORE STAR WARS MEMORABILIA = TRIPLE QUADRUPLE FAILBOMB.


I am in awe of this. Put me down for two.

On a side note, I think I’ve probably pooped everything in that series at one point or another. I KNOW T-chan has.

Somebody call BigJim

And ask him what the fuck happened here.

I don’t know what’s going on here.

But I sort of like it.

You’ll buy the whole tiny seat

…But you’ll only need the eensy-weensy little edge!

Some really cool tilt-shift movie-thingy going on. It looks like toys, but it’s not! The music is pretty catchy, too.

And just when I was losing hope for America…

Sixteen year old British girl has what must be deemed the most HEINOUS and heinously expensive wedding, EVAR.

Clearly the Brits decided they were not to be outdone by our Real Housewives and Super Sweet-Sixteeners. This is for all the single gals out there. See, you totally can have your dream wedding….. even if it involves a $30,000.00 wedding “gown” [see: swarovski-crystal-beaded-two-piece-sausage-casing].

Another sports post…

along the lines of the last one but with less senseless violence incited by adolescents.