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Listen Sparky, Here’s the deal.

Okay, my original plan was to post a whole list of groceries that we need and then have people bring what they volunteered for. However, I have come to the realization that this will be a tremendous pain in the hindquarters to coordinate and even having success in that, still leaves lots of room for error.

So here is the plan, I will buy the food. We can divide the total by however many of us there are and we should be good. Crack and I will be hitting the grocery store Thursday night. to round the stuff up.

Please remember that you are encouraged to bring your own snacks. You can even bring enough to share. Part of group camping is eating way way way too much, and I expect this trip to be no different.

Also I would like to request that anyone who has a cooler or two speak up so we can get a few more things sorted out like how much beer we can keep cold and still eat.

Oh yeah, bring booze.

“We wanna be free.”


“We wanna be free to ride.”


“We wanna be free to ride out machines without being hassled by the man.”


“..and we wanna get loaded.”