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GoBot blows another load

…of links!

Spaceballs soundboard. Whee!

This personality quiz was frighteningly accurate.

Breakdancing. Junkbots. Go.

Die, Walmart, die.

Drinking? Smoking? I can’t be bothered with all these things at once. I’m on the go. A fast mover. Hey, what’s that?

Nerds once again build wicked-cool shit. Rest of world continues to mock.

Clutch video from the new album, if anyone else cares.

M$ long-term goal of turning the Apple HQ into a smoking crater: Approaching completion.

Video of a dude who now has severe Cthulhu issues.

Brits are fucking terrified, apparently.

…aaaand I’m spent. Go outside, geeks. It’s nice out there.

I know it’s past my birthday

But you should all buy me one of these so I can try this out.

I’ll make it worth your while, especially if I get the pulled pork down.

Another dumb incarceration

If This were me, I would be sueing EVERYONE.

Random postery

Chess, the ultimitus game of strategry.
Now it’s CUTE!

Speaking of chess, Gobot and I found this a few weeks ago. Legos are cool.

On a completely unrelated note, I found what I am getting tWoW for xmas. Need to take a road trip but just can’t get enough Italian goodness. Fear not! The automotive pizza oven is here to save the day.

Another word game

why do I find these to be so crackesque?

You know whos fault this is?!!!1?

Those fucking assholes from outa state that wont stop moveing here!

Time for GoBot to clean out his bookmarks!

And YOU reap the benefits!

1) Robotic cellular squirrels. Isn’t this how the whole Terminator thing started out?

B) Two car garage? Sweet! I can park my Ferrari in there! Nobody can mess with it then.

7) Time to start up the biodiesel refinery in Torinaga’s backyard.

Yellow) Oh, god, please let this be just the beginning of the First Purge.

2 tsp. butter or margarine) Them’s some nicely inked hogses you’ve got there, my man.

This Fractal has Fingers

and its kinda disturbing

AIM fight

So far, Crackaddict beat the crap out of everyone I know in this. Of course I am mainly an msn messenger type o guy.

Red Alert for Boyfingers!

Good GOD look at the size of it!

100Mbps Broadband?

Come to Butthead!

This kid is kind of a loser…

but I would never play him in quarters


From the USPS

Instructions on how to send a hippo through the mail.

I think this is a good thing

…but some people may not agree

I blame Chickenjack.

Well look at that…….

not even to Canada yet and he already misses me:)