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For the muppet lover.

YouTube – Alice Cooper – Muppet Show Skits:

Holy Lateral Daisy Chain.

ESPN Video Beta:

All right, fess up…

Dead Fawn, Dressed Like Baby, Left At Theater – Local News Story – WDIV Detroit:

Anyone need a car?

I’ve a buddy leaving town to move to NY and he wants to sell his car.  2001 Mazda Protege with pretty low miles.  Over 4k blue book and he wants maybe 3k.  Not the sort of post one usually sees up here, but I thought if anyone is looking I would throw that out there.


Also, cocks.

For those of you who spend a very long time in-transit

LoudLit.org: Collection:

I’m in UR madness…

..postin pictures of you catses

Mega Machu Pichu

Is a freakin neat experiment in photography

Western Cheeseburger, INBOUND!

Houston, we have a problem

They make a breakfast sandwich that is like all your normal breakfast sandwiches, expect it has a hanburger patty and fried potato rounds on it.

Holy Hole

Someone took a serioous core sample of Siberia.


This is completely unusable

But still fun!:

A whole mess o’ links.

Okay, lets begin:

News-a-holics, rejoice! A nifty realtime news-flash-thingy is here to save you from the drudgery of the interwebs!

Don’t tell Big Jim that they made this clothing line especially for me.

Everything you did or did not want to know about DVD’s is up in here.

Who’s got some free time? You do? We’ll take care of that immediately. Free game-o-rama!

Speaking of games, here’s some more BF2 vids:

Remember that Sony(grr) commercial with the millions of bouncy balls? They did it in BF2. As a trailer for Mine 2. Yay!

Aaaand one more; for Crackaddict, Torinaga, and pretty much everyone except for The WoW, who can’t bring the blue sparks. Battlefield Double Dash.

Finally, someone mods a Mac Mini.

It’s in french, but you’ll probably be able to get the idea.


Who wants to guess what in this comic strip reminds me of Megumi.

Pointers for our parents-to-be.

Watch this short film , and TRY to stick to the rules. Yes, I’m looking in The Lady’s directon. Hearing small children recite Carlin lines never gets old.

Now we are giving 11 year olds attempted murder charges

I wonder if this would play out differently is she was a boy?

PS. The boy should get assualt charges if she get’s attempted murder.