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On today’s episode of Things That Give GoBot a Chubby:
Some guy makes homemade tantos in the (mostly) traditional way. (and smelts his own steel)

The Saga of Biorn.

Or, as I like to call it, An Unfortunate Series of Natural Twenties.

Also, remind me to go out like a proper viking. Those guys know what an afterlife is all about.

Who wants to see me with a machete??

It was free, and just magically arrived in the mail!!!!

You know you want to see.

Also, this guy’s blog is awesome, and he’s probably one of my favorite local-ish writers without a penny or notoriety to his name. I highly recommend you click around and read his stuff at your leisure.

But mostly, just check out my machete!

YouTube – Two Handed Great Sword

YouTube – Two Handed Great Sword.