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Side note


It works on pictures as well.

New change to site

Theme added for Mobile devices. Tell me if you like it or hate it.

If I can’t make you bitches tweet…

I can tweet your posts.



We are Rolling with this look until I feel unlazy enough to make new theme.

I couldn’t stand looking at the old one anymore.

Added a Gallery Option

Hey folks, I finally got around to adding some gallery functionality to this piece.

When you log in, if you have the correct permissions, you should see a gallery link in your dashboard. You can upload photos one at a time or in a zip file (of 7 megs or smaller). Those of you with super high resolution cameras, please resize your images accordingly accordingly. I will be making an album for each year going back to 2001 (as that is the year I got a digital camera).

Please be as descriptive as possible with your gallery names (location, year, event as applicable), we could be dealing with quite a lot of data.

Let me know if you need any guidance.


I also just realized I was logged in as The_Lady when I posted this. Oh well. Stat for her.

Also, if anyone is super sensitive about having their picture on the interwebs please respect their requests. I think we can password protect pages as needed.

Back to Basics

This is how most of the internet used to look.


In case you didn’t notice. We have finally moved. If you need webspace or email let me know

Do not expect this look to stick around.

Forum Link added

But it’s waay wayy down the side bar. I will work of getting that fixed.


Slight problem that didn’t show itself until this morning.

I didn’t remove the old index.html so it wasn’t picking up wordpress’s index.php.

Bug #3 squashed!

What the…

You may be wondering if you found the right site. The answer is probably no, unless you one of us. You may not be able to log in with your old account. Your password HAS changed. mail me or IM me and I will send it to you. Once you get it, change it.

Also, the forums will not be looking quite right yet, but can be found here I will put a link somewhere on the front page soonish.

Please let me know if you find anything that is broken, also any desgin suggestions will be listened to intently and then promptly ignored