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Yule cheer and whatnot

All of us here at Spacemadness would like to wish all of you a Happy Holidays.

Party on.

I see a new career choice for a couple of us

Games for money.

Also, A General Note


Back from the beach….BOYEE!

We were gone, but now we are back. A little redder, a little wetter and a lot happier.

One fat bastard is conspicuosly absent because he doesn’t know how to work his camera’s timer.

Hey LOUD Guy

Happy Birthday to the Wop of Width.

I will be nice to him and NOT post his picture.

Happy Birthday to one of our Favorite Cock Holsters

Back to Life

Well it looks like we are alive again. The site had been returned. All hail Bob.

Basically the something happened to the server that was running SM, and it took entirely too long to reslove the issue, but we are back, hopefully for good. Working on the other blogs right now.

Happy Birthday to you

happy 00010100th birthday to the Boyfingers.

Fixed it

I am not sure if everyone was having this problem, but in Firefox at least half of the time, if not more, when I would load this page the blog portion down here would cover up part of the banner portion up there. This was due entirely upon laziness.

Carry on.

Hey, it’s new!

Spacemadness.net:The Forums

site stuff

Okay, stuff has changed. Let me know what you do and don’t like.

Also, please share some ideas for what you would like to see in Staff Bios. I was thinking we could throw together a little questionnaire for everyone to answer. Any ideas on what you would think wouldn’t and wouldn’t work in there would be greatly appreciated.

Post comments bitches.

To honor her getting oldness.

As many of you know, The Lady is having a birthday soon. Sunday to be exact. In honor of the at we shall be throwing back some beer and some bbq on 21 August 2004, which is this Saturday, Be there and be square (because none of you have a choice)

(About either)

Also see extended for photoshop friendly pictures of the birthday girl.
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6 years ago today she said yes!

They say it’s your birthday….

This is the worst photoshop I have ever done.

Happy birthday to the ChickenJack.

Camping foods

This started as a reply to Josh in the previous post, but I want everyone to read and comment on this.


The cooking implements should be handled. We will probably need paper plates and service for enough people. I am not sure we will have 15-16. Our folk in Oregon had something come up and won’t be able to attend as we wish they could.
Here is what I am kind of thinking as far as what we could have for meals.

Day 1


Brats and Burgers
Beans and salads

Day 2


Breakfast burritos.
(eggs, sausage, potatoes, tortillas, salsa)


Sammiches and Chips
(bread, meats, cheeses, some veggies and condiments)


Some sort of stew and Rice


A bit of a fiesta with Burritos and Carne asasda rice and beans.

or whatever you suggest.

Day 3

Something quick and easy. Oatmeal, fruit, breakfast bars, juice, whatever.

I suggest that because it is much easier to cook and clean up after and we will probably not want to spend a whole lot of the last day fretting about that sort of thing when we have other stuff to do.

Your suggestions would be appreciated.