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The Forums.

I am taking the forums offline. I am having to spend more time cleaning it out from getting spammed and hacked by click hijackers than it is getting real use. It will probably come back as something else eventually, but in the meantime make due with the homepage, maybe post a link or two.


Apparently some douchenozzle thought it would be cool to meddle with my WordPress install sending people using Internet Explorer to some virus ridden cesspool of the internet. I apologize for this, but Internet Explorer? Really? I am taking counter measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

well then

Some plugin blew up. If you tried to log in yesterday it probably didn’t work.

It should now.

Happy Birthdays

First because she is oldest, Happy birthday to the lady.

Second, Happy birthday Crack Baby unit #1.

Go team! Way to age!


The Lady and I have been watching the Olympics which has severly cut into our plumbing of the intertubes.


Happy birthday to the official Spacemadness stinkopotamus handler!
31 going on 8!


Added a Gallery Option

Hey folks, I finally got around to adding some gallery functionality to this piece.

When you log in, if you have the correct permissions, you should see a gallery link in your dashboard. You can upload photos one at a time or in a zip file (of 7 megs or smaller). Those of you with super high resolution cameras, please resize your images accordingly accordingly. I will be making an album for each year going back to 2001 (as that is the year I got a digital camera).

Please be as descriptive as possible with your gallery names (location, year, event as applicable), we could be dealing with quite a lot of data.

Let me know if you need any guidance.


I also just realized I was logged in as The_Lady when I posted this. Oh well. Stat for her.

Also, if anyone is super sensitive about having their picture on the interwebs please respect their requests. I think we can password protect pages as needed.

Not even any old jokes.

It’s the Ancient Mariner’s birthday today.

It’s a very large number, but I’m not touching that one with a ten-foot ZOMG.

I don’t know what I’d do without you, dad.

Happy birthday.

Still not sold out!

To a Gentleman who one again has become measurably older than me…

I wish you a Happy Birthday.

It looks GOOD on ya.

Happy birthday..

…of the beast. 6/6/6 WoW
We love ya you big lug.

Oldstone IV: The Oldening

Look! Someone else went and got more geezish!
Happy goddamn birthday, DickNogg!

Ohh, man.  Thats some good Pabst.


Happy Birthday

Today is the Birthday of Gobotsodimizer.

Hide your toys.

Note to Chickenjack,

remember to be a nag.

Happy Birthday

Today is a very special birthday for our very own Megumi.

Welcome to the old.