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British family ‘asked not to be served by hotel’s black waiters’ – Times Online

British family ‘asked not to be served by hotel’s black waiters’ – Times Online.

Personally, I would have instructed my staff to drive them deep into the ghetto and leave them there.

I am mostly posting this so I can find it later.

10 Backpacking Blogs You’ll Love | traveling greener.

The wrath of the Killdozer

I’m not sure what is says about me that I think this guy is awesome. If you’re going to flip out and grind city hall into rubble, do it in style.

Carnage, powertools, racing

What else you want?


We’re going to get Chickenjack in the water one way or another.

This is harder on us than it is on you, please understand.

IMF 2k6

We should come up with a new mission for the Inebriated Mission Force this year. It’s been awhile since we’ve had decent drunken hijinks.

I’m thinking maybe some geektastic LED throwie spamming. (QT movie link)

Tell me THAT doesn’t look like a good time.

Going to need some venture capital, but here’s instructions.

Finally, GoBot is able to hang.

…Out of my shirt.
Screw Camelbak.

Mine’s gonna be filled with Basil Hayden’s and Rockstar.
I’ll turn radioactive-yellow and tear stuff in half.

Halloween Pics

Find them here.. There are links to the full size there as well, but I will probably take them down soonish as they are each about 800K.

Now shut the hell up already.

Hey everybody!

Lets all go on a prayer safari that leads to Jesus!:D

Pictures from New Years

At long last the New Years pictures.
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Camp pictures….OF DOOM!

Check out the extended for the pictures of our recent trip to Ft.Flaggler.
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