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Splitscreen: A Love Story on Vimeo

Splitscreen: A Love Story on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Splitscreen: A Love Story on Vimeo.

The Saga of Biorn.

Or, as I like to call it, An Unfortunate Series of Natural Twenties.

Also, remind me to go out like a proper viking. Those guys know what an afterlife is all about.



For old times sake.

YouTube – The baka song.

How To Shower: Men Vs Women Video

How To Shower: Men Vs Women Video.

The Maxx | Full Episodes, Photos, Episode Synopsis and Recaps | MTV

This is worth the link to MTV.

YouTube – Lady Gaga – Poker Face by Applegirl ver. I-Phone Apps

I died from the cute.

YouTube – Lady Gaga – Poker Face by Applegirl ver. I-Phone Apps.

Writer J.D. Shapiro, who wrote the movie ‘Battlefield Earth,’ apologizes to viewers and explains how the bomb came to be – NYPOST.com

Mr. Shapiro owes us $15 and 4 hours of time for this travasty.

Every Acadamy Award winning movie ever.

Or at least the plot, condensed down into one heartwarming, inspiring, touching trailer that will make you think and be grateful for being alive and feel lucky to have friends.  In America.  Where there are no rules.  Or boundaries.  And where even the little guy can make it big.  And magic can…oh screw it, just watch the dang YouTube video.


This leaves me feeling very conflicted

Akihabara Majokko Princess.

And yes, that is Kristen Dunst.

Open Letter From OK Go – OK Go

An open and thoughtful take on the modern recording industry.

About as safe for work as the Aqua Teen Hunger force gets.

Read: Not very.

Adult Swim Video : Aqua Teen Hunger Force : Carl Music Video: I’ll Be Home This Christmas.

So that’s what we sound like

Italian guy writes a song in gibberish to sound like English.  Either this was done in the 70s or those guys are way behind us in fashion.

What English Sounds Like to Foreigners is Today’s BIG Thing in Music – NOV 03, 2009.

BTW, this is my first attempt at using the Press This thing on my browser.  God have mercy on our souls.

This is coming soon and I have just wet myself with excitement.

The Kids In The Hall offer glimpse of Death | Newswire | The A.V. Club.

This may trigger seizures.

three frames.