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I am mostly posting this so I can find it later.

10 Backpacking Blogs You’ll Love | traveling greener.

Warrior Dash | Home

I don’t think I will be in good enough shape to do this this year but maybe next year.

Fire. Vikings. Scots.

Blend well, take pictures.

Most metal festival ever.

You’re damn right #15 is my new background.

The best Fedor fight.

Is this one.

Fedor v. Aoki exhibition match.

…Aoki is the lightweight champ. This is how I’d imagine it would look if I started crap with Big Jim, minus the parts with the little guy doing cool stuff.

We need to reinstitute bowling night.

Weekly Volcano alternative newsweekly Tacoma Olympia – Tacoma by the balls.

This is why we can never allow the Miller Boys to be together in the same vehicle.

…Besides the arguing and slapfights, they’ll be doing stuff like this all freakin’ day long.

The Bacon Lance

No, not another crappy series by Weiss and Hickman.

This, my friends, is a flaming pork sword of vengeance.


(Yes, it’s another LOLbacon thing. But in a cool way.)

Warmup for saturday night fightin’z

I hate it when I get ‘Honorable Mention’-ed

If I can’t make you bitches tweet…

I can tweet your posts.


Lookin for work?

Not sure why you would need that sort of experience to work in that sort of an establishment.

A little late for halloween

…But preparing for the zombie apocalypse is always a good idea.


A bunch of beer-drinking metalsmiths are here to help.

The shirts are pretty rad, too.

Wurst Vampire EVAR!!!!1!!one!!!1!

Not scary at all

Not scary at all



I thought of my geeks whilst making a fool of myself with the wax people.

California + Macintosh = Funny

My brothers friend’s blog in which he rants about having to go to the Apple Store.

I figured some of you might get a chuckle out of it.


So we won’t be seeing a rematch then?

Rampage went on a bit of a rampage

Get to the chopp….

In post-Soviet Russia….
No, that’s not it.

I give up.

Probably NSFW, definitely funny.