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Online board games you say…

Might be interesting.


Specifically a certain card game that makes some of us into assholes.

Of course, we could just get together IRL and do these things, but our collective schedules kinda suck.

This Just In:

Spacemadness’ collective heart broken, news at 11.

We’re going to need to come up with a new plan for when we win the lotto, which is sad.

But being able to head into The T-Town elks after it’s been restored for a beer will be pretty freakin’ cool.

Wow. Now that’s a Fanboy.

Going 110mph on I-90 at 9:30pm = Fail.
Going 110mph on I-90 at 9:30pm and getting caught by the PO-lice = FAIL.

Going 110mph on I-90 at 9:30pm and getting hauled off to jail and having your car impounded because you were rushing home to place your E-bay bid on MORE STAR WARS MEMORABILIA = TRIPLE QUADRUPLE FAILBOMB.

Ed resigned.

I’m kinda bummed.

Someone, somewhere likes us.

Tacoma Makes number 5 on Outsides Magazine’s 20 best towns in America