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This is mostly for Cracks.

If Software.

In-browser free time destruction

150 of the best online flash games.

Jack Thompson to be permanently disbarred.

Couldn’t happen to a Bigger Douche

May be slashdotted.

I’m posting this because I hate you

And you have too much free time.

2-D WoW. In your browser.

RIP Gary

Gary Gygax 🙁

Old-school geek action

Fully playable Last Starfighter game, just like the one in the movie.

You know you want to.


Let’s play!

Great, another online timewaster.

Just what I needed.

This one’s a flash version of Dungeon Keeper. Looks like it’s pretty well done, too.

The link is here.

Please note that that link is a referral-type thingy, so if you end up playing, I get some bonus cash or something.

If you want to be a bucket of dicks, you can just go to the front page: http://www.dignfight.com

Have fun, and don’t waste too much time at work.

Unless you’re me.

It’s spelled ‘rwlrwlrwlrwlrwl’

Hmmph. I always wondered.

The pelvic-thrusting part made me giggle.

It usually does.

a game of slappin

Rose&Camellia | NIGORO:

I have no idea what’s goin on

Has anyone posted this little time killer?

Thank a guy at my work, and Crankenstein for showing me this.

Desktop Tower Defense.

Some free games to kill time.


Kill aliens. Lots of ’em. Nifty powerups and shooty stuff.

Scorched 3D.

Sort of self-expaining. You know you want it.

Batu might want to stop by and learn “Great Cleave”

Hook up a brother with some polyhedrials.  BONUS: D4s can be thrown on the ground to slow enemy combatants.


D&D con in Iraq.

Where bad Marios go when they die.

I don’t know how this guy didn’t stab out his own eyes. Just before minute 2 made me giggle.

(long video)

Bonus link!


Again with the zombies.

Guns. Zombies. Bloody snow.