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Wow. Now that’s a Fanboy.

Going 110mph on I-90 at 9:30pm = Fail.
Going 110mph on I-90 at 9:30pm and getting caught by the PO-lice = FAIL.

Going 110mph on I-90 at 9:30pm and getting hauled off to jail and having your car impounded because you were rushing home to place your E-bay bid on MORE STAR WARS MEMORABILIA = TRIPLE QUADRUPLE FAILBOMB.

Silly Datsun wants to race…OH SNAP.

Oregon Field Guide — Electric Drag Racing · Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Don’t mess with Porsche.

Some serious stock market serial crushing going on.

A 911 in every pot!

You’ll buy the whole tiny seat

…But you’ll only need the eensy-weensy little edge!

Some really cool tilt-shift movie-thingy going on. It looks like toys, but it’s not! The music is pretty catchy, too.

In direct response to the last post:

I think that last one may have been too brainy for me to post.
To make amends, I present:
The turbo bong.

That should kill anything produced by reading about sciencey-stuff.

Desparately seeking horsepower

Oh, those silly honda guys and their ever fruitless quest for powwwar.


Captain Slow vs. Ramsay

I think I love James May even more after watching this.

Here’s the Jezzer one.

The trouble with Subarus

is that they’re a bitch to get on the chair lift.

Because dickfingers is too slacktastic to post this:

I’ll step up.
Behold the disintegrator:

Giz link.


Disappearing Car Door:

This is how you do a road trip.

Fast car, and more geek gear than you can shake a graphing calculator at.

Someone hurry up and win the powerball.

The Star Wars rocketry trifecta is now in play.

Looks like the ol’ Flying Coffin did better than the fancy-schmancy X-Wing. In the air, at least.

Another Gizmodo nerdgasm here:
Someone finally managed to get a camera into the combustion chamber of a four-stroke engine while it was running.
So cool.

Original poster can’t spell Vauxhall or Victor

YouTube – 1972 Voxel Vectra 0-60mph in 1 second:

That bloke has crazy mad skills…




What channel is BBC on click again?

I think I just threw up a little bit.

Hey, look! It’s the new Honda Civic WRX STi!