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I support this as a social movement.

How ‘The Phone Stack’ is civilizing dinners out with friends – The Week.

Pretty pictures of food, with recipes.

Food pron from punchfork.com.

My oh my

This art is good enough to eat.

Foodscapes From Carl Warner | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn.

via Jason

A fine day in America

US to lift 21-year ban on haggis | Life and style | The Guardian.

Fun with fondant

crazy…creative…it’s a fine line.

Delicious looking things Christmas lets you get away with!

No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed a delicious looking  tiny gingerbread house perched on the edge of that mug!


Unsurprisingly, this is mostly Giada.

The Top 10 Biggest Food Network Foodgasms Of 2009 « Food Network Humor.

The Smurfs in this forest would have been happily rotund.

Ashley Rodriguez’s blog is awesome.

Also, Chocolate-dipped Mint Meringue Mushrooms.

Search for Craft Beers on Tap – Seattle – Tap Hunter

Search for Craft Beers on Tap – Seattle – Tap Hunter.

We need to get some Tacoma Tap loving up on here.

Sort of like Cooking for Engineers

…In bizzarro world:

How to Cook a Fucking Steak.

It’s cooking that even TWoW can follow!

Also: Fundamentalist Mac and Cheese and How To Barbecue a Turkey – The Super Easy Way for Morons

Dontchu know this a chicken joint?

And I Am Not Lying » Blog Archive » Excuse Me, Waiter…? There’s a Large Bird of Prey in My Soup..

I would take a couple of these.

Nuanced, Ambivalent, or Guarded Stickers: Products: Zazzle.com Store.

This should have totally been their commercial.

YouTube – “Rap Chop” featuring Vince (Steve Porter’s Slap Chop remix).

The Bacon Lance

No, not another crappy series by Weiss and Hickman.

This, my friends, is a flaming pork sword of vengeance.


(Yes, it’s another LOLbacon thing. But in a cool way.)

Ah, crap.

There’s actually a reason to move to LA.