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Half Life 2 Live action thingy

…Is surprisingly good.

I don’t know what’s going on here.

But I sort of like it.

In-browser free time destruction

150 of the best online flash games.

Your daily dose of heebie-jeebies

Play with spider.

Funny, I can’t find the ‘smash the abomination into a pile of goo’ button.


I’m sick of all this politics crap. I’m voting for these guys. If I actually get around to, you know, voting.

I’m posting this because I hate you

And you have too much free time.

2-D WoW. In your browser.

walk Smash walk

A video by the same guy that created Dad’s work. Not funny just kinda cool.


Show this to your children at a very young age. It’ll boost your street cred for years.

Slow day at work?

You bet your ass it is.

make some sushi..

Sushi Go Round – Miniclip Games – Play Free Games:

I had a ridiculous amount of fun with this…

Forget the keyboard and use the mouse

Usually I am bombarded when I bork my links

man vs kids


One scene almost made me wet my pants.

Great, another online timewaster.

Just what I needed.

This one’s a flash version of Dungeon Keeper. Looks like it’s pretty well done, too.

The link is here.

Please note that that link is a referral-type thingy, so if you end up playing, I get some bonus cash or something.

If you want to be a bucket of dicks, you can just go to the front page: http://www.dignfight.com

Have fun, and don’t waste too much time at work.

Unless you’re me.

It’s spelled ‘rwlrwlrwlrwlrwl’

Hmmph. I always wondered.

The pelvic-thrusting part made me giggle.

It usually does.

Another timewaster, because we need more of that sort of thing.


Castles. Cards. You’ll figure it out.

WARNING: The music makes me want to take a nap.