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YouTube – Creed Shreds 3: You Sh!t Here With Me LIVE!.

No crossdressing Willem Dafoe?

Trailer’s finally up for Boondock Saints 2. I’m not convinced it won’t suck based on this, but a guy can dream.

Where is the 4th horseman of the douchepocolypse?

Would that be the guy from Nickleback? I don’t even know what is right anymore.

Behold, the Vortex of Douchebaggery Captured in A Single Photograph – Jeremy Piven – Gawker.

Robo Geisha

Wow, if this is half as ridiculous as it looks….it will still be twice as good as Transformers.

Fried Shrimp

On July 14th you may be able to find out where they got $214 worth of puddin.

YouTube – MTV’s THE STATE finally coming to DVD.

Smegheads rejoice!

Red Dwarf’s coming back for 3 new episodes.

You know you’re going to watch ’em. Nerd.


Harold & Kumar Go to Washington.

No. Seriously.

Well, just Kumar.

It’s Max’s time to shine.

Apple – Movie Trailers – Where the Wild Things Are.

This might be Evie’s first movie.


In Soviet Russia, nouns verb YOU!

I don’t think even The Lady has enough swearing power to play a game of this.

Half Life 2 Live action thingy

…Is surprisingly good.

What are we going to do tonight, Brain?

I know people who couldn’t follow this obstacle course.

They mostly don’t poop on the table, though.


I don’t know what’s going on here.

But I sort of like it.

You’ll buy the whole tiny seat

…But you’ll only need the eensy-weensy little edge!

Some really cool tilt-shift movie-thingy going on. It looks like toys, but it’s not! The music is pretty catchy, too.

His smug grin always irritated me

But this still looks better than 99% of the garbage coming out lately.

Your daily dose of heebie-jeebies

Play with spider.

Funny, I can’t find the ‘smash the abomination into a pile of goo’ button.