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Shoreditch of the dead.

Neat home-brewed zombie flick. Extra points for Motörhead.

The Webtender: Drinking Games. – StumbleUpon

The Webtender: Drinking Games. – StumbleUpon.

I don’t know who this guy is

But he may have the second best costume-based job ever.

Dinosaur vs. School Children

Online board games you say…

Might be interesting.


Specifically a certain card game that makes some of us into assholes.

Of course, we could just get together IRL and do these things, but our collective schedules kinda suck.

I loves me some CeeLo

Fuck You!

YouTube – L’épreuve des seins dans fort boyard

NSFW. Or kids. Or wives, I suppose, unless yours happens to be all pervy…  (like me).

Um… French game show.


The Onion A/V interview with Donald Glover

If you don’t watch Community you might now know Donald Glover, but if you ever watched 30 Rock I pretty much guarantee that he has almost made you wet your pants at least once.

He is a very talented and lucky fellow.

Every Acadamy Award winning movie ever.

Or at least the plot, condensed down into one heartwarming, inspiring, touching trailer that will make you think and be grateful for being alive and feel lucky to have friends.  In America.  Where there are no rules.  Or boundaries.  And where even the little guy can make it big.  And magic can…oh screw it, just watch the dang YouTube video.


Open Letter From OK Go – OK Go

An open and thoughtful take on the modern recording industry.

Some are good, some I don’t get but worth the mention.

Slaughterhouse 90210.

The cigar box stuff was pretty impressive.

YouTube – AZO Showreel 2009.

Too… Many… Jokes…

I’m gonna have to let this one speak for itself.

But you guys should feel free to post what comes to mind. 😀

From The Makers Of The Hamburger Bed Comes A Millennium Falcon Bed (pew pew!).

So that’s what we sound like

Italian guy writes a song in gibberish to sound like English.  Either this was done in the 70s or those guys are way behind us in fashion.

What English Sounds Like to Foreigners is Today’s BIG Thing in Music – NOV 03, 2009.

BTW, this is my first attempt at using the Press This thing on my browser.  God have mercy on our souls.

Everyone looks good in a suit.

Including William Friggin Wallace.
The blog post is 90% russian, but the pics are  pretty sick. Ever wonder what your fav movie characters would look like without costumes?

Empire Magazine 20th Anniv. Photoshoot of Awesome.

Muppets. Queen.

Because SOMEONE needed to post this for posterity.