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A project we can all agree upon.

Especially the Torinaga household.

Bathroom Terror Level Alert Indicator.

You might want to connect it to Milo’s box, too.

Bacon apple pie.


nom nom nom

nom nom nom, indeed.

Your egg carvings

They look like little death stars.
I have just the thing. 21-foot X-wing model. That flies.

I’m totally wasted


Wonderful how-to on making wicked tasty Jell-o shots. With recipes. Yes, there’s even pudding shots. And industrial-strength shots. And pyromaniac shots.

Slurp down a few for Mr. Wizard.

Because one bacon link a week isn’t quite enough.

We are going to do this.

We are going to do this soon.

This guy’s blog also gets +2 points for being an entertaining read and having an awesome tagline.

Noooo! Doggy!

We NEED a couple of these for the various mutts in our lives. Halloween, anyone?

(bikini-clad girls at bottom of page, sorta NSFW)

Old school junkyard beatz

The Turbo II, Junkyard Boogaloo.

Friggin’ sweet. It looks like it’s tearing ass around that table just sitting there.

Monitor to go with that keyboard?

Yes, please.

redecorating ideas

The curtains might never match the drapes again.


Is there anything it can’t do?

The Emperor’s new beatz.

Death Star subwoofer.

Go build one, nerd.

Nerds gone wild.

We need to install big red buttons in every room.

MIT, huh? Who’d have guessed.

Oh My F’in G

How did I live without this thing?!?!?!


On a side note, I think “The Shower Bow” is a pretty funny name for a superhero.  Or maybe “The Shower Beau.”

Stoopid cardses

I am checking out this thingy to consolidate all the club cards one carries on one’s person into a single grand unification card.

I will report on the success or failure of the experiment in due time.

Because I’m a geek, and I like this sort of shit:

The Difinitive BIOS Optimization Guide.

Hey, you! With the breaky computer! De-funk your slow, inefficient box. [This space reserved for inevitable ‘your-momma’ joke]

If I can scare up my few remaining shreds of motivation, I might collect all the various tweaks I’ve found onto a thread in the forums. Don’t hold your breath, though.