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Some of you with the kiddies might find this interesting.

Squishy circuits.


Here is the website she mentions:



Y’know, I like to think my dad is pretty cool. A pretty swell dude all around, and pretty handy with making stuff. I’m sure most of you would agree.

But holy hell, look at this.
Best. Bedroom. Ever.

Come to think of it, it’s probably a good thing I didn’t have this growing up, or I’d still be living there.

Basic Instructions – Basic Instructions – How to Tell Someone That They Are Wrong

Basic Instructions – Basic Instructions – How to Tell Someone That They Are Wrong.

Delicious looking things Christmas lets you get away with!

No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed a delicious looking  tiny gingerbread house perched on the edge of that mug!


I would take this for Christmas.

Victorian All-in-One PC | The Steampunk Workshop.

The Bacon Lance

No, not another crappy series by Weiss and Hickman.

This, my friends, is a flaming pork sword of vengeance.


(Yes, it’s another LOLbacon thing. But in a cool way.)

Why don’t you give him a flamethrower while you’re at it??

This is the sort of thing from which nightmares and bad sci-fi channel shows are made.

YouTube – Samsung SSD Awesomeness

YouTube – Samsung SSD Awesomeness.


For the home improvement nerds.

50 tricks for DIY savings

Hey, Chuck!

You’ve got some work to do.

THIS one has Kohayler all over it.

3800 piece lego death star.


In direct response to the last post:

I think that last one may have been too brainy for me to post.
To make amends, I present:
The turbo bong.

That should kill anything produced by reading about sciencey-stuff.

Because dickfingers is too slacktastic to post this:

I’ll step up.
Behold the disintegrator:

Giz link.

Megumi should begin crafting her marriage proposal right now.

’cause this guy is the pimp daddy at the corner of Geek street and Candy Ave.

I don’t know that ‘epic’ is a big enough word to contain this.

Arise, turkey. Arise.

I might like the day after thanksgiving more than the actual holiday.

I get to get all bucknutty between a few hunks of bread.

Round 2: