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Truck Bearing Kibble

…is a webcomic. That rocks your face right off.

Word Geekery + Web Geekery

…When worlds collide.
The author of xkcd, one of the geekiest webcomics in existence has created the LimerickDB. The top 150 here.


‘Nother webcomic.

DM of the Rings.

This pretty well ties every element of nerdery imaginable.
Narrative of the whole Lord of the Rings shebang, as told by one frustrated DM and a gaggle of hack ‘n slash gamers.
There are php programming digressions.
There are over-elaborate pulley systems to solve simple problems.
There are horrible Monty Python references.
Bad homoerotic jokes? Yep.
A guy named Frank? Check.
Rules arguments? Yo.

Should I keep going?
The notes at the end of each one really cap it off.

Go forth and waste time!

They are not that bad, actually.

200 Bad Comics:

Drew’s got a new site.

wherearethedogshumping dot com.

You should go. It’s funny.

Unintentional hilarity!

It’s the hilarious-est!

-Top 15 Unintentionally funny comic book panels.-

He who controls the spice (channel)…

Three Panel Soul :

From the Mac Hall blokes.

Fire up your F.C. zippos, folks!

They’re finally making a series out of The Preacher!

I dunno if it’ll be on HBO or what, but here’s the info.

Which would be awesome, except that the guy in charge of writing the screenplay is the same guy who butchered Daredevil and is currently abusing Ghost Rider.

I’m prepared for disappointment yet again; it’s a damn shame, too. This was about the only comic I ever actually liked. And Jack Palance isn’t around anymore to do a proper Saint of Killers.


Holy crap, I have a lot of stuff for you all!

Sheesh, the internet is big.

Look what I found in the mildewey corners!

A couple of pictures of a shuttle launch, from the other end.


Jeff Han busts out some coolness at TED.

More BF2 vid: Yes, this guy is flying a chopper. Without a gunner… Switching to the gunner’s seat in midair, and making TV missle kills while the chopper is unpiloted. That is some badassery.

More flash games! Swords and Sandals! Get your gladiator-ey on strong!

A metric assload of silly kitty pictures.


Best article title ever created: “Three-week boot camp whips humped-out hookers back into shape”

You know that damn ‘MahnaMahna” song? From the Muppets? Do you know where it’s originally from?(NSFW)

Jim Henson was a superfreak.

This site might warrant it’s own separate entry, but I’ll put it here for now: Zamzar. Free online file conversion. All sorts of formats. It looks like it might be either incredibly handy, or incredibly broken. Time to try converting all our porn….FOR SCIENCE!

This guy is my hero. I’m thinking of training so that I may engage him in an hours-long Anime-esque eating battle. Thoughts? Suggestions? Keep ’em to yourself.

This needs to make the rounds again.

(the full version, not the chopped-up crap-humor site version)

Fun with drugs! It’s the Ambien cookbook!

Emo ass-whomping patrol! Yaaay!

People eat this stuff. On purpose.

*NSFW* A lovely little ditty by our friends, The Wet Spots.

HiveSpy: Get all the blogs, -spaces, -journals, Diggs, and what-have-yous vomited into your eyeballs in a continuous stream, forever and ever, amen. Next best thing to having an RSS feed in your urethra.

ZeFrank’s Scribbler. Fun for hours.

More ZeFrank oddness, at one of the TED’s.


Game Over.

Insert Coin.

Okay, I might have gone a little crazy.

Who else wants one?  *5 more added*

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A little highbrow webcomicery

At least this one made me laugh.

A very interesting waste of time.

The Rudiments of Wisdom Cartoon Encyclopedia:

Webcomics! Again!

The Perry Bible Fellowship. .

These are just plain awesome. Equal amounts hilarity and crushing depression– Just like me!

About half of ’em are NSFW.

Flintlocke’s Guide to Azeroth.

WoW-based funny. I ♥ the rogue.

Shabba your pie hole!

De’ear be no such ting as skombies!


Here is a link to this fellows site.  Not much there besides some info and Dawn of the Dead meets Precious Moments.  It looks like he is working on some animated shorts.  Hopefully he links em.

More odd webcomics

Old cartoon, new caption