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My eyes, they bleed

This game is infuriating.

I felt like I’d done something worthwhile with my day when I beat level seven.

Juicy juice?

It appears the fruit fucker has some bizarre siblings.

*****PROBABLY NSFW******

If you really loved me,

you’d find a special way to show me.


We’re gonna need a bigger frying pan.

if I only had a dog

Someone needs to get this for Sadie.

there’s thirsty,

and then there’s thirsty.

file under

places I’m probably not taking Josh to dinner

If you weren’t blessed with a baby boy…

then try the next best thing.

for Mr. Smith

and anyone else who can’t get enough Homer.

file under q for difficult

It’s simple, really, just name the movies from the pictures, but wait, all the people are missing. Good luck.

escher sketch

This is arguably more fun than the real thing.

proving that two is not always better than one

Eww. I wonder if his insurance considered the second one “cosmetic”.


The boozer’s google.

I don’t even want to know

how you come up with an idea like this.

the cow says…

well, that sort of depends.