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Like Tetris but hate the guilt of wasting all that time?

Foldit lets you bend proteins all day in the name of SCIENCE!!!

The end is nigh

Robots that lie.

But they don’t look like twins

It’s double Happy Birthday day! Happy Birthdays to Torinaga and Danielle!!!

MST3K in person?

Cinematic Titanic looks like it might be fun.

WTF Chicago?

Blankets are HARD…in bars.

“Send us your GOLD!!!”

I’m sure you’re all as surprised as I am, but the cash for gold people want to screw you.

Lane ends, merge laaaaaaaauruughhhh

It appears they have finally come.  Or at least some of us aren’t as over zombies as the WoW.


New anti-aging treatment made with babies’ foreskins.


The circus is leaving our mouths

Mother’s cookies are gone. Methinks the end times are upon us.

But what can i do to save Social Security?

Drink up!

Gin and Titonics anyone?

This has me reconsidering my feelings about gin. Then again, they’ll look just as good sinking in bourbon.

Dear Honey,

I know we’re said we won’t cover the little one’s room with branded stuff, but I think we might need to make an exception.


Giant space frog.

Wonder Twin powers, activate!

Happiest of Birthdays to Torinaga & Danielle!

From skunky to clunky

Ok, so I’m in the quicky mart getting a beer for my honey, and what do I see next to the giant cans of Modelo?