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Who wants to see me with a machete??

It was free, and just magically arrived in the mail!!!!

You know you want to see.

Also, this guy’s blog is awesome, and he’s probably one of my favorite local-ish writers without a penny or notoriety to his name. I highly recommend you click around and read his stuff at your leisure.

But mostly, just check out my machete!

YouTube – L’épreuve des seins dans fort boyard

NSFW. Or kids. Or wives, I suppose, unless yours happens to be all pervy…  (like me).

Um… French game show.


202 Star Wars T-Shirts

Can be found here.

Is this a repost? It’s probably a repost. But seriously, it’s a good resource for when you’re thinking about buying something for that special, horribly embarrassing nerd in your life.

AKA……. yourself. 😀

iPhone Ocarina is full of galactic win.

A friggin awesome use of the iPhone Ocarina app for epic nerdery.

Also, in related news, This Girl has nerdery coming out her nose.

Delicious looking things Christmas lets you get away with!

No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed a delicious looking  tiny gingerbread house perched on the edge of that mug!


Following in a Dog-like Theme…

Is ‘Giant George’ the world’s tallest dog? The 7ft-long blue great dane could claim title!

“Thas a huuuuuuuuuge bitch!”

Just- not actually a bitch. 😉

This kinda makes me want to barf a little.

But it is also utterly awesome and makes me feel a little better for getting a  degree in such a beautifully obscure (and arguably useless) field. 😉

Masterworks in Petri dishes – New Scientist Image Gallery.

Too… Many… Jokes…

I’m gonna have to let this one speak for itself.

But you guys should feel free to post what comes to mind. 😀

From The Makers Of The Hamburger Bed Comes A Millennium Falcon Bed (pew pew!).

The Smurfs in this forest would have been happily rotund.

Ashley Rodriguez’s blog is awesome.

Also, Chocolate-dipped Mint Meringue Mushrooms.

Okay, the world of furniture is much cooler than I thought.

Wacky slinky chair! It’s Chinese, so obligatory asian girl peace-sign photo-op is included.

And, check out this Awesome Expanding Table!

Everyone looks good in a suit.

Including William Friggin Wallace.
The blog post is 90% russian, but the pics are  pretty sick. Ever wonder what your fav movie characters would look like without costumes?

Empire Magazine 20th Anniv. Photoshoot of Awesome.

This is what happens when unemployment goes up.

That or just when consumption of BEER goes up in conjunction with excess nerdery, maybe.

TAUNTAUN! And you really need to follow the link to the guy’s fabrication process. Good golly gravyboats.

Do you wanna date my avatar?

I think maybe this speaks for itself.

Felicia Day + The Guild’s new promo music video. Do not click if you are not prepared for some hot geeky musical action.

Miracle Drug on 34th Street?

More like hello, inside-out dog things and vampire-zombies coming to eat your brains out as soon as it gets dark, etc, etc.

I’m pretty sure THIS is exactly how movies like that always start. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Beef Curtains?

No, not really.

Just Business Cards Made of Meat.

(**VIDEO**, with Olivia Munn being just a little dirty. ;D)